Sunday, 30 September 2012

Serpent Sermon Tour

My first gig with my own camera.. It would be a big statement to name my self a professional photographer, but I am learning so gonna share with you what I've learned so far.. 
Went last night to The Underworld for the Serpent Sermon Tour. Having a photo pass gave me access to the special photo area. The only problem is that from that area you are restricted to only one angle : the right side of the stage. For the first two bands I've managed to move around as it still wasn't packed... But after 7.30 the Underworld got packed so no chance for me to be moving to the other side of the stage..maybe if I had stage dived :) .. And as you can imagine a venue like this one, on a sold out gig, packed with over 500 people turned into a free sauna .. what more can anyone wish for??? Horns up for those few people that manged to stay in the venue with their leather jackets on for the whole evening.. guessing that it's more important the image of being a metalhead then actually being comfortable.. What can I say sacrifices must be made in the name of metal fashion.. so i guess it's needless to say the 'amazing' perfumes that were spread around.
Ok, now back to the gig. First band I saw was Forsaken World.. A french band that are on since 2010. Guess the guys did pretty well to end up touring with Immolation and Marduk . They didn't do it for me.. but have to appreciate their perseverance and hard work.

The following band were De Profundis a British  doom metal band. This month they just released a new clip. You should check them out ;)

For me the highlight of the evening was definitely Immolation.  Death metal is closer to my heart. Mr Ross Dolan, charismatic as always, has provided an amazing show.

I was quiet surprised to see the Swedish black metal band Marduk playing at the Underworld.. no wonder the gig was sold out. Mortuus had the same evil and imposing attitude as I remember. 

 Well that's about it..  Sorry that most of the pics are from the right side of the stage, but I guess it's better then nothing ;)
Next gig that I'm going to is on Monday,for the Devil's Asylum tour ,again at the Underworld, but this one is not sold out, so I hope I get the chance to move around a bit more
For a proper review of the Serpent Sermon Tour .. you should check Rockfreaks 


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