Saturday, 20 October 2012

A night out in London

Last night I went to see the Bedlam exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels near Waterloo. So considering I was already on the South Bank.. and with a  few minutes to kill before going to the exhibition took a few shots of the famous London Eye and Big Ben.

 The night was followed with a unique walk thru the tunnels admiring the art of various artists. My favorite piece were the maidens. There were three double faced maidens: each of the maiden had a glass face with a random projection in it, and the other side had a different animal face: an owl, an eagle and a cat. I loved the concept of dualism. 
Everything was displayed thru 4 tunnels. In one of the tunnels there was a small stage, where bands where performing. One of the band I got to see were performing covers of Michael Jackson. The other group was  formed of four ladies performing cabaret music - making pop music sound interesting.

So if you have some free time, and want to see something different, hidden in the tunnels near Waterloo station, go check the exhibition. Unfortunately this exhibition is only on till Sunday the 21st, but there is always something on in the Old Vic Tunnels..