Saturday, 22 December 2012

Covent Garden

Jack Daniels whiskey barrels Christmas tree

Happy Christmas everyone!!!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Graveyard @ O2 Academy Islington

O2 Academy Islington is medium sized venue that could host over 600 people, so for me it was quiet a pleasant surprise to find out that Graveyard are playing there.. never thought they are so big.
The opening band were the Swedes from Spiders. Have to admit I've enjoyed their show.. never listen to them before but miss Ann-Sophie is such a energetic appearance. Always moving on the stage, dancing, playing the maracas, add to that an amazing voice - and you have the recipe for a good rock band.  

This was not one of those metal gigs that I usually attend, and despite the name Graveyard - which would make you believe that they are a black metal band or a death metal band - that's not the case at all. They are this amazing classic heavy rock band with some blues influences.

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Testament @ Koko

Last night was AMAZING!!! No words can describe how good Testament were!! I always enjoy going to gigs at Koko. It's such a beautiful venue.. such a classy a unique atmosphere to the event.. The only down side was that the venue during the weekends it's turned into a the gig had to be done by 10!!!! Ridiculous on a Friday night for a gig to be finished by that time.. we compensated for the lost by drinking at the metal pub in Camden Town - The Dev.
 You know how when you are at a concert..somehow you always end up having in front of you a taller person then you, and you can't see anything.. well this time after spending first part of the gig taking photos, went to enjoy the rest of it up  on the balcony.. Great view!!

Unfortunately we got a bit late to the gig.. all that hustle going thru security, checking my camera, the cloakroom.. we got there for the last few songs of the first band Xerath.   So didn't manage to take photos.  Next band on were Malefice.

Ohh Testament!!!! Saw them earlier this year at the Bloodstock Festival..  but last night's gig was totally different.. with a playlist well over 90 min playing some of my favorite songs like: The New Order, Over the Wall, D.N.R.. made me shiver. Such a good performance .. no wonder it was a sold out gig. Worth every penny !!

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