Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grand Magus @ The Underworld

Don't know how to start this post exactly as words can not describe how excellent this gig was. Definitely the best gig of the year for me and the first gig at the Underworld this year.
Guess I should start with the supporting acts. First band on was Diesel King - stoner metal band from London.

The U.K heavy metal band Primitai were the main support for the whole Grand Magus U.K tour.

Considering this was the 5th time I was seeing Grand Magus, for me this was their best performance. This was actually the first time I saw them headlining, so a set list well over on hour was much appreciated. When they've announced the European tour I got very excited seeing as that the support act were Angel Witch and Enforcer.. somehow I was hoping that it would be the same line-up for the U.K tour, but Diesel King and Primitai did a good job.  As soon as they've started playing I, the jury the metal heads started mosh pitting. Everybody was singing along, the atmosphere was brilliant. Before they've ended their performance with Iron Will, they've thanked Steve and Andy for their help on the U.K tour, and the crowd just cheered them up.  
Have to admit that taking photos while headbanging is not a successful combination.. but had the best view in the venue !!! Grand Magus were just fantastic!!

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